Priit Pärn is the most famous Estonian cartoonist and animation director who has got the recognition from home and abroad and has been awarded with the World class nominations. He worked as a plant ecologist before he started his career in animation industry in age of 28. Writer, Rein Raamat offered him to make his first design for his book "Kilplased".  Mr. Pärn's most important films are Triangle, Breakfast on the Grass, Hotel E ( co-directed by Janno Põldma) and Night of the Carrots. Priit Pärn was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Animated Film Association in 2002. Divers in the Rain (2010), co-directed by his wife Olga Pärn, became the most successful Estonian animated film of all time with its 18th award at KROK International Animated Film Festival in Ukraine.

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Priit Pärn

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