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‍‍‍‍‍‍100 Estonian Brands © ‍‍‍2017 All Rights Reserved. story began in 2009 when the estonian entrepreneur Heikki Haldre had a problem of finding time to go for fashion shopping. As he approached online retailers it got even worse as trying to find a perfect fit was almost impossible. Herkki found annoying that different countries and companies have their own understanding of size which inspired him to create a solution for it. Together with his co-founder Paul Pällin they invented a specially modified robot which can change its body shape and called it the "Fitbot". Further R&D continued with Maarja Kruusmaa, a professor of biorobotics at the Tallinn University of Technology, the laboratory of intelligent materials and systems at the University of Tartu, and Human Solutions GmbH in Germany. Five years later was acquired‍‍‍ by Japanese e-commerce and internet company Rakuten.