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Estonian Cheese

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Cheese is the most common dairy product in our country as about 80% of milk goes to cheese production. The very first Estonian dairy was established at Imavere in 1908. The earlier homemade cheese kind of product was Sõir which originates from South Estonia. High quality cheese production was in private hands in 1920-1940s, then got nationalized by soviets. The next leap forward happened in 1953 when Urmas Altmeri's invention AU-8 was added to cheese production which fastened and improved it significantly. That was the birth of Estonian Original Cheese as we know it today. AU-8 was a great probiotic dairy product which had healing properties and also fastened cheese maturation process. As AU-8 was a revolutionary product which also had the other ways of use it draw an interest by the Western world. It also made a commercial interest by its inventors who later got prosecuted by the communist party. The crucial role here was played by Urmas Altmeri's friend Johannes Hint who also was a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. His experimental factory Desintegrator was the first cooperative type of business in SU ‍‍‍which commercial success made soviets worried and therefore its production was declined and AU-8 production line got stopped. Despite all troubles at Soviet times Estonian Cheese recipe got preserved and it is still in use by Estover OÜ who makes it in the original way :)