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Estonia Piano

For over a century, the Estonia Piano Company has been in pursuit of the most singing grand piano sound. Indrek Laul, a Juilliard doctorate and owner of the factory, has traveled the world for three decades working with concert pianists, performers and educators.

Dr. Laul has understood the demands of pianists, their needs to achieve the complete inspiration and ultimate tonal expression, and has guided that knowledge to the Estonia factory. With a great team, the new piano models have been proudly and painstakingly created for pianists and musicians in Performance Centers and Concert Halls, Conservatories and Recording Studios, as well as for the homes of music lovers.

Soundboards made only of the highest quality resonant spruce, sourced from the high altitudes of the Swiss and Italian Alps are carefully selected for Estonia pianos. This raw wood is transformed by our experienced craftsmen to produce a naturally beautiful and singing piano sound. Combining the highest quality European components, piano action, hammers, dampers, iron plate, strings with double duplex scale are all custom fit for each individual instrument.

With precision, handcraftsmanship, and meticulous attention to details, all Estonia grand pianos continue in the trusted, old world, European piano making traditions.

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